Aadhar Enable Payment System

Product Description:

AEPS is a new payment service offered by the National Payments Corporation of India to banks, financial institutions using ‘AADHAAR’. AEPS stands for ‘AADHAAR Enabled Payment System’. AADHAAR Enabled Payment System (AEPS) is a bank led model, which allows online financial inclusion transaction at Micro-ATM through the Business correspondent of any bank using the AADHAAR.

Benefits of AEPS:-

1.     Card less transaction. 

2.      Easy Fast & Square.

3.     Single wallet maintain for all banks transaction

4.     Pay zero Transaction cost to Business Provider Company. 

5.     Avoid Physical KYC documents.

6.     Easy Cash  Withdrawal & Cash Deposit with Thumb Impression.

7.     Increased footfall of your core business

8.     Avoid banking queues for Customer.

9.      APNA CSP POINT will be providing you commotions on every transaction that you do on    behalf of your consumer.

10.  Zero trx cost to customer.

11.  APNA CSP POINT will be liable for every success transaction to credit on your wallet.